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General Dentistry

Smile Gallery

All Porcelain Crowns

This patient had a problem with excessive wear due to bruxism and darkening of his teeth. After correction of his occlusion (bite) the anterior teeth were restored to give aesthetics and sound function.


Patient did not like the shade,the shape,gingival recession & uneveness. The teeth were restored using porcelain veneers to bring back a youthful appearance.

Teeth Whitening

Patient had moderate staining on upper teeth. Pre-treated with whitening trays and patient had one hour in-office whitening. Whiter teeth by 8 shades!

Dental Implants

This patient had to have one of his central incisors extracted due to an internal resorption of the root and an implant was placed and restored with an all porcelain crown.

All Procelain Crowns

For years our patient, a school teacher, was unhappy with the spaces, the coloration, and the wear of her upper front teeth. We recommended all porcelain crowns. She is delighted!!!


Shortly after having veneers done, our patient went on a cruise. She could not get over the number of compliments she had on her "beautiful smile". She could not wait to call and let us hear the news!!

Bonding/White Filling

Our patient presented with decay in a lower right first molar. The decay was painlessly removed and replaced with natural tooth colored filling which will give great service for years to come.


Our patient wanted a more youthful appearance; this is what we gave her! She seems very pleased.